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Double Glazing & Energy Efficient Upgrades

Double Glazing

Double Glazing

Double Glazing is quickly becoming the preferred choice when it comes to keeping comfortable & cutting energy costs.Double glazing is two panels of glass placed together using a perimeter spacer, this spacer separates the two panels from each other to provide an air gap, as one side of the glass is either heated or cooled from the outside temperature the opposing panel facing the inside maintains the buildings internal temperature as the pocket of air between the two panels of glass acts as an insulator breaking down the transition of temperature through the glass.

Double glazing can come in many different thickness & styles of glass, the thicker the double glazing the better its performance, the use of low energy glass & argon gas filled double glazing is a far better way to maximize the performance of a double glazed unit.Many windows allow for double glazing to be inserted within them with little modification required.

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