Mirror are an excellent way to finish any bathroom.
 Mirrors can instantly make a room feel larger & is an excellent way have natural light reflect throughout a room
come in many different sizes tones & thickness, we are able to cut mirrors to just about any size & shape.

Frameless Mirrors

A frameless mirror is where the glass has an exposed edge.
A frameless mirror can be far easier to clean.

Mirrors glass can come in many tones & thickness including safety glass allowing it to be place just about anywhere.
Mirror glass is a great way to highlight the space of room as well as allowing natural light to be reflected 
through out a room.

Frameless Mirror Edge Styles

Glass Edgework Illustration.png

Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are great if you require a border with a matching finish to tapware etc,
frame mirrors do not require edgework & can be less venerable to accidental breakages.